1st Oct 2014: off we go again with ‘number 3’

Happy to report no white blood cell issues once again today which is a relief…so here we go with ‘number 3’….from 13

I’ve been feeling fairly good over the past week and had an inner confidence that the WBC count would be ok..however it is great to now have that confirmed.

In the past week or so I have been in contact with a couple of people through the runners world article, one with a very similar story to mine. He too is a runner and it has been incredibly helpful to hear how he has used it to help him through ‘it all’….both during and after. He now has been hit with some more challenges and I have everything crossed for him. The thing that has really struck me has been the overwhelming positivity he has shown throughout everything he has gone through…I have taken real strength from this and thank him so much for sharing his story with me!.

I have managed to run around 75k in the last 2 weeks since the last chemo hit which has been a huge mental boost for me. As I had expected it has really been in the week after the chemo treatment where it gets more manageable as the side effects from the chemo and Nuepogen are less.

Off to see Alice this afternoon for ‘the Great South Run chat’-:)

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  1. Week done mate, keep PMA going, it can’t hurt and knowing something deep inside can certainly help the body with the healing process. Just keep running just keep running ( stolen from Dory in finding Nemo).

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