17th Sept 2014: ‘green light’!

Contrary to the 1997 Verve classic single, I can officially say that in MY case, “the drugs DO work”:-)!.

I am pleased to report that I am ‘back in business’ again, with a white blood cell count of 6.4!. Clearly the Nuepogen has worked which is a massive relief. I am just about to be hooked up for my 2nd cycle of chemo…another 3-4 hours here in hospital and then they will once again send me on my way, pump in tow.

It does feel a little strange to be feeling so happy to be able to take more chemo. I know it is more than likely that this time tomorrow I will probably be feeling physically worse than I am today. However the main thing is that this is once again ‘the start of the end’!….bring it on!

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  1. Hi Tom, please do remind Catherine that if any help is needed with the boys let me know… well done to you ! drugs are the way forward ha ha xxxx

  2. Surely you could have found some U2 lyrics to quote here too?! Cmon, call yourself a fan?! 😉 By the way, did you know Cliff Richard had a song called Green Light. It was a classic! Good luck with this round Tom. Juliette

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