What a Crazy Time!

I still can’t quite believe how much the world has changed in the past few weeks! It has really put my own predicament into perspective. Whilst I know I face a tough road ahead with a terminal cancer diagnosis, right now this feels very trivial when I think of the thousands of families up and down the country who have lost loved ones from this terrible virus.

Like nearly everyone I am working from home in this ‘new normal’. I’ve been advised to stay isolated from Catherine and the boy’s as best as I can. The hospital have said that whilst I am not ‘in treatment’ at the moment (chemo / radio), the fact that I have terminal cancer and one lung puts me at a higher risk than most. Anyway can’t complain and fortunately we converted our garage a few years back so I am shacked up in there at the moment!😂. Sounds much worse than it is…it’s is really very comfortable with a lounge, bathroom and bedroom so all good. I am seeing Catherine and the boy’s every day in the garden which is great. Also managing to run every day (around 60k a week) which as always has been a godsend and really helped me stay focused and mentally strong

It’s difficult to know at the moment what will happen next month when I am meant to have my next blood test and appointment with Alice to see how much the cancer has developed…hopefully not a lot 🤣. I really do still continue to remain very optimistic about the future and cling on to the hope that maybe a clinical trial maybe something I can benefit from once the lockdown has past.

I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy.

8 Replies to “What a Crazy Time!”

  1. You are such an amazing positive man, I hope that you have your blood test and your appointment next month, the NHS must not neglect people like you, you need that attention too! Good luck, take care, stay well xx

  2. Tom, ever the legend, enjoy your stay in the garage, you’ll be back to normality soon enough! Sending you lots of love & a great big cuddle. Xxx

  3. Your amazing.. keep safe and give Catherin and the boys a wave from me The clap is for you.
    Love Natasha and gang x

  4. Can’t imagine how strong you are – a real fighter. You are not alone but it must feel like that sometimes – you know how much those that love you care

  5. You’re a brilliant man Tom and an inspiration to me. Stay strong and don’t lose sight of the fact that your treatment remains just as important, regardless of Coronavirus.

  6. Wishing you well mate, I’m sure it’s tough having to distance yourself, but as ever lovely to hear your positive outlook on it all.

    Keep your pecker up and hope to see you soon!

  7. Amazing to read your positive and inspiring perspective…not to mention that you are able to keep running. Keep on trucking, Tom.

    Best wishes,


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