Still here:-)

Cant quite believe I am writing this post whilst still being hospital… how is the case I guess you are wondering. Well, in terms of the main outcome from the operation everything is absolutely ideal – bottom line is that the cancer is gone!….result!.

The problem I have, and what is keeping me in hospital is two fold:

  1. The blood markers which they continually monitor (CRP, White Blood Cell Count, Temp etc) are not quite where they need to be unfortunately. The team cant quite put their finger on it, however believe that it is an infection possibility in the space where the lung was taken out. Over the last 10 days they have been trying various antibiotics to kill it off (these AB’s can only be given by IV hence the tie to hospital). The one I am on now I think is finally doing something which is great although they will need to see some consistency in the bloods before they are convinced it has worked. Their biggest worry would be that if there was an infection and it spread to the right lung then naturally there would be a problem.
  2. On Sunday I had a bit of a heart moment where my chest felt very tight. The cardio team have done a load of tests (echo, ECG etc) and the good news is that they do not see a problem with the heart itself. The issue is believed to be as a result of the heart sack being inflamed following the surgery where there was a fair amount of manipulation done apparently. They have diagnosed something called pericarditis and given me a high dose of Aspirin and one other drug to get under control.

Bottom line is that provided all the markers continue to come down and the heart tests don’t show any more issues I should be leaving early next week.

I’ve been able to keep myself active on the exercise bike (15k today) and there is no question that the breathing is getting easier every day which has been really encouraging.

Catherine (reluctantly:-) brought in my running gear yesterday (thanks babe!). My plan being that at some point this weekend I will go for a little jog around Hyde Park….cant wait!

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  1. How remarkable you are Tom! So amazing. Your own bed is in your sights!! Think of you and Catherine and the boys often. Lots of love Jenny, Lila and Jago xxx

  2. Ditto above Tom!
    You’ve obviously got all the nurses swooning over you and they want to keep you around. Looking forward to a glass of wine with you next week! xx

  3. You’re an amazing fella Tom. Tough, courageous and resilient. All characteristics of a real fighter. You’ve taken on this dreaded disease and are beating it. You’ve got your running gear ready to go jogging round Hyde Park, only days after such major surgery……..I really can’t believe it……You are an inspiration to us all!
    Good on you Tom, keep battling and being positive and you’ll be home in no time.

  4. Enjoy your Hyde Park run Tom! Do you have to have a running mate? In our thoughts as always! Caroline and Peter x

  5. Great news Tom. What a fantastic post (and title!) and is great you sharing. Going for a run right now I am certain is something only a few if any people on this planet would contemplate and the very fact it’s exactly what you want to do is superb.
    Any time you want to run with some golf clubs nearby you know where I am ….. any location. Don’t hesitate.

  6. Brilliant ,brilliant news,Tom home for the weekend and let everyone enjoy the pleasures at
    Samuels Hs.
    love from us all xxxxxxxxxxx

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