Post surgery update

With a few days now since surgery I am really pleased to report that everything went to plan.

As before I managed to make it just a ‘one night stay’ and was home with Catherine and the boys on Friday. I felt well enough to get back to work today and also have just come back from a 7 mile run which I have to say felt wonderful to be able to do…the weather was perfect for it and it was the ideal end to ‘a Monday’:-).

Whilst I didn’t get to actually speak to John after the surgery, his assistant who was there throughout the whole operation told me everything went well and they got it out with keyhole. I will be back to see John again in 10 days or so for an update which almost certainly will be followed by the usual CT scan.

Given how things have gone I am so pleased we decided to press on with the surgery. Onwards and upwards!.

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  1. Tom,

    That sounds like it’s all good news and we are so pleased for you. Your updates and posts are nothing short of inspirational in their positivity and will to succeed. I’ll bet that 7-mile run felt amazing. Onwards and upwards indeed!

    Scott and Julie

  2. We are still rooting for you Tom, avidly reading all your updates always looking out for your wonderful positive posts after your hurdles. So glad to hear you nailed this one too and you are back out pounding the pavements and doing what makes you happiest. Have a wonderful family Easter x

  3. I don’t know how you do it Tom, straight from the table to the pavement, but it is the stuff of inspiration. Take care mate, Alex

  4. Have just caught up with your latest battles Tom. Prompted by Jenny Duxbury. A continually great story . I can recommend Venice though. One of the cities we should all experience.
    John Studholme

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