PET scan results

Not quite what I was hoping for following my appointment with Alice today, however definitely could have been worse.

So the final upshot from the PET scan I had last week is that I have a small cancer growth in my lung (originating once again from the bowel cancer). This time, rather than being in a place where surgery is easily possible (like the last three times), it is located right in the centre of the lungs. So with that in mind, it is most likely that I will undergo radiotherapy, as surgery would probably mean having to lose a lung. Alice will meet with her supporting team, including the lung specialist to work out what the final treatment plan will be on Thursday this week. From what she said today I think it is most likely that it will start around mid-August with the treatment taking place at either Oxford or Reading.

To be honest I had feared the worst in that it had spread to other organs, so as strange as it may sound, I am pretty happy it is back where it is…..or course would have been better if it wasn’t anywhere, but heah you can’t have it all eh:-).

Thankyou everyone for your wonderfully positive and supportive comments which I really appreciate. I continue to feel really well and with my running back up now to around 35-40 miles a week, it will be more of the same in the build up to treatment.

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  1. As usual your fitness puts me to shame..and I am glad you feel really well which should help you to kick this into touch rapidly as usual!

  2. Tom you are amazing!!! Thinking of you and your family through all this!! Though your positive attitude as always is amazing!! Keep running ❤️❤️

  3. Tom you have been in our thoughts and prayers since the very beginning of this ordeal, and this latest setback deeply saddens us both. We will continue to pray for you and all your family. God bless you.
    Ann/Aubrey Dudeney

  4. Hope you have a good plan in place after today’s consultation. I’m sure that your team is the best and that you are their star patient!

    Love from Caroline and Peter x

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