MRI scan ‘all clear’!

Another milestone has been and gone today and I am pleased to be able to report its ‘all good’!. I had a follow up MRI scan on my liver today which has fortunately turned out to be all clear with no signs of a cancer return. It was great to see and speak with Merv (my liver surgeon) once again as I hadn’t seen him since just after the surgery in July / August. He was pleased with how well I had responded ‘post surgery’ as well as through the chemo regime which was great to hear. My liver has now fully grown back and is doing its job nicely once again!.It will be another 6 months before we meet again for another MRI scan.

In the meantime I will see Alice next Wednesday to discuss a CT scan which will cover the whole of my body just as a check that there is nothing that has spread anywhere else (this will probably be in a couple of weeks)….the way I feel at the moment I would be very surprised. My strength is definitely starting to come back and the running is feeling pretty good at the moment. It’s fair to say that my hands and feet are still a little problematic with little feeling in the soles of my feet in particular, however the good news is that it doesn’t stop me running which is the main thing!.

I’m all focused now on my first half marathon race next month (Silverstone half) which I cant wait for!. A good friend of mine has also agreed to do it with me which will be great…..all of course in aid of beating bowel cancer!

I am also delighted that 4 of my work colleagues are running the Surrey half marathon on the 8th March on behalf of ‘runthroughcancer / beating bowel cancer’!. They have all been training really hard and are ‘well set’ for the day. Their fund raising efforts have also been fantastic and hugely helped in pushing the total up (now stands at just under £9.4k!). Thank-you Lou, Jon, Lauren and Zoe so much….Jack and I will be there to cheer you all on!!!

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