Looks to be working!😀

So as I sit here in hospital today starting cycle number 5, I’ve just had my latest results from the blood test I had on Tuesday….and the good news is that the chemo is definitely working!!…woohoo.

When I started the treatment (when it was clear that the cancer was back) my CEA blood score was 100 (a normal score for someone healthy is between 3 and 5). Anyway after the first cycle it had dropped to 80, then further to 60 ish after the 2nd cycle. It now stands at 32 which clearly indicates that the poison it’s doing its thing which is a great feeling😀

Having gone through the side effects over the past 2 months it’s so good to know that it’s all been worth it. As well as the chemo and I am also fairly convinced that keeping up the running (and now cycling as well with my new toy, Peloton 👍) is helping as well I’m sure. If anything, mentally it makes a massive difference!…just makes me feel like I am ‘doing something’ if you know what I mean.

So I will see Alice again in around 1 month and you never know if the score keeps coming down it could be that she gives me a break from the chemo🤞…let’s see.

Now onto football matters….come on 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!!!!

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  1. Oh gosh what fantastic news! I definitely think your attitude and the fitness -running and cycling have helped you through this! Keep up the attitude and enjoy the match on Saturday! Love Gilly

  2. Whooo hoooo. Such fantastic news Tom.
    That fighting spirit of yours is certainly paying off.
    Sending love from Devon

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