Half way point…nearly

With the ‘half way’ point just in front of me (this Wednesday), I thought I would drop a quick post out to give an update….in short everything is going really well:-). Other than being a little more tired and some very minor soreness on chest, everything is all good and I really can’t complain. Whilst it’s possible that the side effects may get a little more intense in the coming days / weeks, I have a good feeling that it will be ok.

The team in Oxford are such a welcoming bunch. Everything is so well organised and nothing has been too much trouble. They have even managed to fix my appointments around work (early or late in the day), which I have been really grateful for…all helping to keep things ‘as normal’ as possible. I am reminded each time I go in just how lucky I am to be treated this time round at a hospital with such a forward thinking attitude to cancer treatment.

I’ve managed to keep a limited amount of running up…the only reason for not being able to do what I would have ideally liked is due to a calf injury which I can’t seam to shake off. A few more days rest up with some ‘core strengthening work’ instead and then hopefully the trainers will be back on again by the weekend.

With the motivation of knowing that keeping the lungs ‘active’ will help me get through the treatment, it continues to remind me that running will always be ‘on my side’

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  1. Glad to hear all is going well Tom
    Hope you get your running shoes on soon and are able to get back to what you love
    Hope all the family are well
    Kaz xx

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