CT scan results

As expected, the news that Catherine and I knew deep down was coming was confirmed today following our latest appointment with Alice

The CT scan which I had last week shows that the cancer has indeed now spread from the mediastinum to the cavity where the left lung used to be. So the agreed plan is to now start chemo without any further delay. It will be a similar regime in terms of frequency (the drugs themselves will be slightly different) to what I had back in 2014/15, with the main difference being that this will not have a ‘planned-in end date’. The main purpose of this course of chemo is to administer for as long as it takes to get the cancer mass down to a size which is undetectable on a scan. This will not have got rid of the cancer but will at least give me a few weeks of break until they go for another sustained chemo round again.

Alice feels that provided my body can take it that it may last anything up to 18 months (with cycles every two weeks). It will be as before in that the longer it goes on for the tougher it will be side effects wise. I fully intend if I can to keep running throughout treatment as this helped so much before both physically and mentally.

Once the maximum amount of chemo has been given (which will probably depend on how much I can take), then she will look at other possible ‘not yet proven’ clinical trial treatments either at Oxford or the Royal Marsden to try and extend my life as much as possible….you never know I may just get lucky 🤞.

In the meantime, we are going to look to get some time away as a family for the Easter hols somewhere ‘Boris approved’😉 which will be great….hopefully we will get some good weather and we can really relax and have some fun!

Little bonus…:-)…..I have been fast tracked the 2nd Covid jab (this Wednesday) in time for when chemo starts around mid April.

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a tough day. Being reminded yet again that this is now more than likely the last throw of the dice for me, coupled with having to tell the boys this latest news hasn’t been easy.

However I do still hold out that remote possibility that the longer I can fight this, the more likely something maybe available down the line on trials. It is made so much easier having the world’s greatest support team by my side!, Catherine, the boys, all my family, friends, work colleagues, the medical team….literally everyone is 100% on my side I can really feel that….it is this which ultimately makes this a battle I will definitely keep on fighting….BRING IT ON!😀

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  1. Hi mate, well don’t know what to say again. Hope that Easter break might be near me so we could catch up on the beech.
    You are so strong how you deal with everything, I wish I had a fraction of your strength and positivity.
    Got to go now because I can no longer see the bloody screen.
    Love to all your beautiful family take care.

  2. I read this through tears of despair, Then hope and joy. You are so amazingly positive and I’m sure this will see you through this battle too.
    For now I wish you a little inner peace and time to recharge with your family and friends.
    Tom you hold a very special.place in so many of our lives and we are all rooting for you.
    Take care of you and yours. Maybe this year we will get to see you in Devon ( Boris permitting,!)

  3. Hey there, what an absolute bastard!! Your amazing courage and determination is so inspiring. Honestly what a lege !

    I hope you all have a super time away and really get some time to relax.
    Lots of love to Catherine and those lovely boys.
    Fran xx

  4. Your optimism gives us all hope too. We’ve all seen this year how quickly science can work and I have seen articles about the MRNA system being a bonus in cancer therapies. We are all hoping you will benefit. Lots of love.

  5. Keep fighting the fight Tom. Your courage and determination is amazing and a lesson to us all. Don’t let this damn disease beat you. Keep going, pal!

  6. Have a wonderful Easter break with the family before you tackle the next hurdle with your usual positive spirit! Love to you all, Caroline

  7. Oh Tom, what a heart wrenching post you’ve had to write. But you are so right, you have so many people right behind you, rooting for you. You are an absolute inspiration – keep that fighting spirit and hopefully the science will work it’s magic to give you back the life you so richly deserve. Enjoy your Easter break. X

  8. Tom you know we are all with you although there is no chance I could keep up with your running. I still remember you running in that Santa Dash with the boys. GO FOR IT If anyone has got this it’s you.

    Have a great holiday

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