Clear CT scan!

Back in July I had a CT scan where Alice noticed something very small on my left lung. She explained at the time that the only way of being sure whether this was the return of the cancer was to wait for another 4 months to see if it grew. It has been a fairly worrying period of time on the one hand, although I must say on the other hand I have had lots to keep me distracted…new job, marathon training, Catherine and the boys.

Anyway, I have just had ‘that’ scan and the news is that it is all clear!….phew. She has put it down to a very small nodule which has probably always been there. Apparently we all have them:-). I have an MRI (liver) on Friday which I am confident will be ok, particularly as the latest blood tests were all good.

I know it is often said that those who are the closest to the person who is actually going through the cancer treatment itself, are often forgotten and can suffer just as much. As I continue to reflect on what I have been through over the last 2 years (second anniversary being next Saturday) it is a moment for me to say just how incredible my wife Catherine has been throughout everything…without her support particularly in the ‘post treatment’ phase, I honestly don’t think I would be in the place I am today.

Once we get the MRI out the way next week, I think a big family holiday is a must!…particularly for Catherine and the boys who haven’t been away for a proper break for a long time now.

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  1. Fantastic news Tom! So pleased for you all, must be a huge relief. A holiday will be very well deserved & maybe even a little trip down to Devon too? ; ) Xxx

  2. Best news ever.. This time last year I was in awe of you running with Jack and my boys through the look out at the Santa Dash . This has been a truly amazing journey x

  3. This is the best news of 2015 for us Tom! Enjoy that long overdue and well deserved holiday with your marvellous family 🙂 xx

  4. Heard the fantastic news from your Dad last week and we’re so pleased (and relieved) for you all. Look forward to seeing you perhaps over Christmas?

  5. Great news Tom. What a horrible situation to have to wait 4 months to see how things are. I agree that running is a good distraction! I also agree about the support of others around you. I found I had ‘tunnel vision’ to get through it all but it’s the close ones around you that deserve credit and recognition. It’s easy to overlook this, I know I did at the time. I also had a small nodule at the top of my lung but that was historic and not an issue. My oncologist said if he randomly selected people off the street for CT scans they would often find such things but the majority would be benign. Good luck with the MRI and enjoy your well-deserved hols. Assume you then begin your London marathon training?! I didn’t manage to get a place but I’m entered for the Comrades in 2016. I saw your excellent time at the Marlow half, sub 90 mins I reckon on the flat. It’s the toughest half marathon I’ve done. All the best Mike

  6. Great news Tom. New year let’s get together …. Just not for a marathon! Long walk with some iron sticks and small balls and the odd sandy area!

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