Been a while!

As its been some time now since I posted anything on ‘runthroughcancer’, I wanted to take the opportunity to get those who have been following me ‘up to speed’ a bit with how everything has been going. I also want to thank you many of you for your ongoing support in my mission to raise £20k for beating bowel cancer!.

It’s been a fairly eventful last few months, with a number of CT and MRI scans, a job change, as well as plenty of training in the run up to the Berlin marathon on the 27th September!. I have always wanted to be as honest as possible when it has come to posting my real thoughts on ‘runthroughcancer’ and so I will try to stay true to this now if I can. I feel it’s important to explain to those who are unfortunate enough to have to go through a similar ‘cancer journey’ that the effects of treatment can still be with you, even after the chemo itself has finished. The most important thing to remember is that it’s perfectly normal and something that you WILL come out of and ultimately get through…I can vouch for that. Mentally it has been a roller-coaster ride since the chemo stopped with many strange and unexpected feelings. I kept asking myself the question, surely after being through what I had been through during the past 14 months I should feeling elated that it’s all over.

However after a few weeks of it finishing I have to admit struggling a bit to readjust to daily life. I still can’t put my finger on why these feelings came on, however I am told that in a way it’s a little like ‘post-traumatic stress’ with a sudden realisation that all the physical and mental fighting that you have gone through is suddenly over. I’m sure (and would completely understand) many of those reading this may find it difficult to understand what I am saying………looking from the ‘outside in’ I can totally see how this may be. It’s a really strange feeling coming to the end of such a long period of treatment by such a dedicated and caring medical team. Having been looked after so well for in excess of a year, everything then suddenly stops and you are a ‘free man’ again.

I am pleased to say that those tougher days are well and truly behind me now and I am very much looking forward to the future with a great deal of optimism. Physically and mentally I feel great and have been the using the chance particularly over the past month (while I have been taking a break from work prior to the new job), to really get stuck into the marathon training. Throughout August I have managed to clock up around 370km (if you include a 20 miler I am hoping to do tomorrow) and since chemo finished a total of 1,135 km. I can’t deny that I am still feeling some of the effects of the chemo with tired / heavy legs on some runs, although would also say that its definitely getting easier with time…..overall I really can’t complain. I have also really enjoyed the past few weeks to spend plenty of time with the family and in particularly having lots of fun with the boys during the school holidays!

Probably something you would fully expect coming from me, but I say this with even more conviction than when I was actually going through treatment…..’without running as a focus for me throughout not only the main 14 months of cancer treatment, but also importantly the ‘post treatment’ period afterwards, I wouldn’t have got through it….that I am sure of’. I continue to have some wonderful contact with those who I have met through ‘runthroughcancer’ and remain inspired by their stories and courage….you all know who you are!.

For those of you who have already donated, I cannot thank you enough for your support!. If you would still like to please do on this link, thank you!…

I cannot promise an amazing time in Berlin as I will be just pleased to finish it if I’m honest, however I can assure you I will give it my best shot!. I have a good friend of mine, Andy, who is also coming along to run as well in aid of beating bowel cancer which I am thrilled about. Just 4 weeks to go!….. BRINGEN SIE ES AUF!!!

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  1. Well done Tom for coming out the other side of your latest battle and good luck with the Berlin marathon (I’ll be waiting for reports from next door!).

  2. Here in Canada we are rooting for you.Even if I was young and in good health I couldn’t have done a marathon.Well done and have great and successful time in Berlin.

  3. Good to get the update. Best wishes for Berlin. Was there on holiday three weeks ago. It is a great city. Hope you get a chance to look as well as run around. Don’t get run over by the cyclists! Drove passed Croft House, Aspatria yesterday. It was looking fine.

  4. Great effort Tom. Only those that have run marathons know what you mean when the second half was tough. For a runner = very very tough. Well done on keeping the pace and sub 3:30 is very respectable, particularly for those after major surgery and treatment. Congratulations and enjoy a well earned rest 🙂 Mike

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