Back in the lungs

Unfortunately I found out last week that the cancer is back…this time in my lungs. It’s difficult to describe how I feel on being told for the third time that I will go ‘under the knife’. Sometime I joke to myself that I feel I am running out of organs for it to go:-)

Thanks to the support of everyone over the past 2.5 years, in particular my family, I can honestly say that I feel completely mentally ready to take on ‘the fight’ once again….third time lucky this time hopefully!.

The positives from what I have been told are that despite the fact that there are ‘deposits’ which have been picked up on both lungs (following a PET scan), they are very small and also very slow growing. What this means in practise is that they are both treatable and more importantly curable. Of course, unlike the liver which grows back, this won’t be the case for the lungs.
However the fact that I already have a fairly ‘fit and healthy set’ should mean that this stands me in much better position to recover quicker. Following a meeting with my surgeon yesterday the plan is to operate late July.

The London marathon which I did back in April was another reminder of how lucky I have been throughout the past 3 years since diagnosis……the fact that I have been able to maintain my running throughout has been quite literally a ‘life saver’. I see no reason why this cannot continue following this new surgery, although of course I am mindful that it may well have some impact more directly given where it is. As I did before I intend to get myself as fit as possible beforehand and so will keep ‘racking up those miles’ in the coming weeks.

Bottom line is that I remain very positive for the prognosis following surgery and I just hope that this really will be the end of it once and for all and I can put my ‘cancer days’ behind me.
Once again thank you to everyone who has so kindly donated…..just over £18k now which I am thrilled with!!!! – THANK YOU!….only £2k more to go.

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  1. Glad you are positive..and I too really hope you will be able to enjoy cancer free days soon after your op….I admire everything you have done and continue to do Tom and hope you will be back running the Santa Dash soon.

  2. Tom you really are amazing! Always putting the positive side forward! Keep being positive! Keep running and let’s hope this is the last time!!
    Sending you all our love and thoughts
    The crossleys xx

  3. Tom, I was completely taken back when Catherine gave me the news, I really hoped this fight was well and truely behind you. Having said all that, if I know anyone who can beat this and kick it into next week, I believe that person is you. Stronger, fitter and fighting the fight, you can do this, we know you can. xxx

  4. I totally agree with all the comments above Tom. You really are extraordinary in your positive attitude and courage. As you say, your lungs are good and strong, so you have the best chance of shrugging this latest setback off. We are all thinking of you and send you and your family lots of love.

  5. Tom – You know we’re thinking of you often and keeping up with progress through your Mum and Dad. You’ll meet this next hurdle and then it’s the home straight!! xx

  6. So glad the surgery went well Tom – Marie-Claire keeps me informed. Keep positive and you will out running again very soon! x

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