All Clear!

With just over 3 months now to the lung surgery, I have been crossing my fingers that the latest CT scan (which I had last week) was clear. Catherine and I have just walked out from seeing Alice and am thrilled to say we’re all good!!…totally clear of any cancer traces with a blood marker which is completely within normal levels…at 3.

To get this news just before we head off on our much anticipated family holiday to Florida is just fantastic!….something to celebrate with the boys tonight for sure.

Whilst I will have a couple of appointment with the lung surgeon and heart consultant shortly, I expect nothing than a quick catch up chat.

Essentially that me now left alone for another 6 months when I am scanned once again.

On the running front, things are not quite as I would have liked in that it is taking some time for the remaining lung to take up the slack. That’s fine as long as I know in time it will ‘come’ and I can run without having to stop every 5 mins to catch my breath. I am in touch with a few others online who have lost a lung due to cancer…I’m hoping they can give me a bit of encouragement that it does get easier.

My sights remaining focused on London next year…plenty of time and now with the news that I am all clear it’s given me a reinvigorated sense of purpose!…bring it on!!

Have a great summer holiday everyone 👍☀️!!

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  1. Hey there we are so thrilled about your recent results . Honestly just unbelievable ! Just to say I hadn’t noticed your activity log previously. Having a little look 15.6 miles in 1 week, with 1 lung, you are nailing it my friend. I’m a nurse and know these things ! Sometimes I can’t be arsed to run a bath;). Have the best holiday . Love to the crew xxx

  2. Absolutely delighted to hear this news,enjoy that fabulous holiday with the family ,you certainly deserve it.
    Love to the family
    The Colesxxxx

  3. Wow Tom, Catherine, Jack & Oli,
    That must be the best news ever, you guys are so strong.
    Love you Guy’s and have the best holiday☀️ to say you have earned it, would be the understatement of the century.. The Stallwood’s

  4. This is just fantastic news Tom, Larry and I are over the moon for you, Catherine and the boys! Look out Florida, the Pearce’s are coming for ya

    So so pleased to hear this and can’t imagine how you must be feeling!

    Have a wonderful holiday, you and the family truly deserve it.

    We must arrange a celebratory ‘cheeky Nando’s’ with you and Catherine when you get back

    Lots of love,

    Michelle & Larry xxx

  5. Brilliant news Tom! Have a wonderful holiday with the family – you all deserve a really great time! Caroline xx

  6. Such amazing news Tom and Catherine !!! Love to you all xxx I infinite respect and utter admiration of your positive xxx
    Big love Jen Lila and Jago xxx

  7. What Fantastic news, and what a Wonderful way to celebrate! Have an Amazing and well-deserved fun-filled holiday! Xx

  8. What wonderful news. You can All now relax and enjoy a great holiday. RELAX being the operative word, something you Tom are not too good at!

    Sylvia and Colin

  9. Tom, have just caught up with your latest news. So delighted for you and the family of course. The boys look so happy. I hope that you all thoroughly enjoyed your Florida holiday.
    I see that your latest running report is 13 and something miles! That is incredible within such a short space of time since surgery.
    You, Catherine and the whole family deserve some precious worry-free time now, and I and the family are wishing you all the very best and sending love.
    Viv and all the Rhodes family

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