31st Aug 2014: getting ‘stuck into’ chemo again

Firstly I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has posted such wonderful comments on my Facebook / own website pages. It is so encouraging to know I have such a brilliant support network of friends and family around me. I am a very lucky man!

I have also had some really great direct emails from others who I didn’t previously know who read my runners world article and wanted to share their own stories with me…..I am so pleased to be able to make these ‘outside contacts’ as ultimately this was one of the main reasons for starting this website. I also may have some developments with a possible charity event next year, so watch this space:).

So that’s 1 week down now in this second and final stage of chemo, with 25 weeks to go. As you would probably expect I am converting these weeks into miles to make a marathon:)….other than a few minor side effects (taste changes with some food and drinks, and hot flushes from the steroid they are giving me to stop the sickness) I am genuinely all fine and feeling good. I managed to get out for a couple of 5k runs this weekend which as always is the perfect way to help me ‘forget it all’ for a while.

No chemo drugs or pills now for 10 days….woohoo!


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  1. Well done Buddy, hitting the road at 6 am tmw. Not only have you inspired me, you’ve shamed me!!! Taking the dog for a run, she likes nothing more than flapping her ears in the wind 😉

  2. I am always so pleased to hear your positivity Tom, coping with this disease and fighting it to the core through your running, is amazing. Your strength through your words is inspiring. As always we are thinking of you and counting down the miles, keep fighting the fight Tom. Xx

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