24th May 2014 (2 days post op)

So it’s done!…what a relief to finally have rid of the cancer.

The surgeon was happy with the way the operation went which is great news. I can now start on the long road to recovery and hopefully get back to running / normal life as soon as possible. I know I have a lot of readjusting to my lifestyle to deal with from now on, however I feel ready to cope with it and just keen to ‘get going’ again.

Coming round from the surgery, I checked my emails, only to be greeted with a reminder from the Baxter Loch Ness marathon (which I signed up for last year prior to the diagnosis) that there are ‘only 18 weeks to go’!…..there is of course a large part of me which would still love to take part and do it, however I realise this is unrealistic….one for next year I think. It was always my aim when I first took up running 5 years ago to try and do at least 1 full marathon a year. I guess 2014 will have to be my ‘year off’!

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