1st Aug 2014: first ‘post surgery’ run!!!

So the day I have been so looking forward to has finally arrived (2 weeks earlier than planned)….. I have a run ‘in the bag’!!! Admittedly a small one (6.5km with 3 breaks), but at least it’s a start!.

I had my second follow up with Merv today which went really well. He explained the bloods were still looking great and that my liver was already up to 70% capacity. Being just over 2 weeks since surgery he said that I was ‘ahead of the curve’ which was really encouraging to hear.

I asked him about running and he was very honest and practical about it which I really appreciated. He clearly understood that starting to run again is a key milestone in my mental recovery to both surgeries. He explained that if I feel ready then I can go for it, although as always I need to listen to my body and take it steady. So, that’s exactly what I have done tonight…..and I feel mentally on top of the world!. With the iPod on and the wind in my face, I didn’t think about cancer once!…couldn’t have asked for more. Ok, so I must admit to feeling like I had lead weights attached to my legs and that at the end I had just run a full marathon, but then Merv did say that feeling tired will be totally normal. Over time this will slowly come back and I will properly be ‘back in the game’ again!.

Going back to work yesterday and today, combined with the run tonight has really now made me feel like there is ‘light at the end of this tunnel’ after all!!!

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  1. Have not seen you for many years, but our family all wish you well and you are in our thoughts.
    Love Carol Procter (Gratwicke) xxxxxxx

  2. Wow – that first run! Congratulations Tom. What an encouragement and so good to hear your are “ahead of the curve” after the liver op. Your Mum tells me that Jack did a 3 km run today, so watch out! You are still much in our thoughts as your consultations continue and the next bout of chemo looms. With lots of love – John and Lis

  3. We really admire what you’re doing Tom both undergoing the treatment and blogging too. Thank you for keeping us updated with your posts. Really brilliant that you did the run and beat your own target date for it. I’m not sure I can do 6.5k….!

    Love from cousin Rachel, Paul & Lily Bowers x x x

  4. Hey Tom

    What to say but my god you are an inspiration, Mum has been updating me and this seemed a good time to say hi. Its been so many years and to think we spent a large part of our child hood hanging out but our lives have gone in separate directions, keep at it fella you sound so focused its amazing and having been running again must just be the icing!

    Drop me a line sometime

    Love from all here in Devon x


  5. Hi Tom and Catherine

    Just caught up on your latest posts, all really good news and very positive which is great news.

    Glad you got those trainers back on, just wish I had the motivation that you have to do the same!!

    Lotsa love The Hopgoods x

  6. Great news, Tom. Amazing. Truly inspirational. We all watching and willing you on. Keep going… Ben, Nan, Alice and Eleanor (and Molly, ‘woof!’).

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