10th Sept 2014: chemo set back

I think the phrase goes something like “it never rains but it pours”….feels a little like that today. So I was all set for ‘chemo hit number 2’, however unfortunately it didn’t happen. They took my bloods as planned first thing this morning and it transpired that my white blood count is too low currently for them to administer more. Serena (chemo nurse) spoke with Alice (oncologist) and they both agreed that the best course of action was to delay for 24hrs in the hope that the levels will rise overnight and they can give me the planned chemo tomorrow afternoon instead.

I have to admit it is another ‘mental blow’ as I was all focused on ‘cracking on’ as planned. I am also really surprised given how good I am generally feeling physically at the moment. Serena has said that it is nothing I am doing / not doing which is causing the low count, but probably just that my body is still having to do a lot, what with the liver regeneration and first round of chemo.

So the plan going forward will be that after each chemo round I will self administer (in my stomach) a drug called Neulasta / G-CSF…I better not mess it up either as each dose costs £1k apparently:)!….thanks BUPA!. This is designed to specifically boost white blood cells. There are some side effects, one of which being pain in the lower back which is where the white cells are mainly produced. The good news however is that these effects only tend to last a day or so.

Despite this set back, hopefully it is just a ’24 hr thing’ as they say:). At the end of the day I know this is being done all for the best…..once again my amazing medical team are right on the case.

Fingers crossed for a better ‘chemo day’ tomorrow…..

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  1. If bloods that low and you feeling that good currently, fingers crossed when bloods are back on track you’ll be feeling even better….

  2. Take it steady, Tom. It’s worth just resting and allowing your body to do its stuff so don’t push yourself too hard. You’re doing so well – keep hold of that PMA!

  3. Can’t imagine you taking the advice to rest but I think it is good advice…someone once told me to enjoy the rest forced on me by illness…I couldn’t but wish I had!!! Having said that glad you are feeling well good luck today..go Tom go…x

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